"To INVENT, you need a
and a pile of junk"

Thomas Edition.

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About Us

Phoenixict Technologies was incubated under several key projects across ASEAN;
it all started with the issues of people's perspective on problem while we take this problem as opportunity to serve and to extend solutions. There was excitement as the founder was building something new in every problem we are resolving. It opens us to new possibilities in the least expected - Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, SmartCities, Cyber-Security and reviewing global index to support countries to reach their goals.

Serving Thailand is our key motivation while we equipped with combined effort of more decades of experience serving ASEAN large corporations and government agencies; we make sure that we bring in innovative vendors to co-create and join force with us to address all needs.

Our story - we are inspired by leaders of each sectors who commit to change for the better for their clients, their workforce and most of all the environment towards sustainability transforming provinces and cities
- "SUFFICIENCY ECONOMY – Diversity & Empowerment”

Our Services

Strengthening Cybersecurity role in contributing to the achievement of national and regional development goals is critical beyond just technology. The call for Industry 4.0 and digital transformation within Thailand has been a long spoken subject. In encouraging adoption of technology and driving innovation, our clients and partners turn to us for world class services and local advice. Such measures goes a long haul to ensure we support our clients to develop a robust (technological) system and competency empowering human capital development towards a lasting ecosystem.

  • Good governance through greater transparency for collaboration
  • Leverages on artificial intelligence for deep insights and visibility
  • Optimizing the use of blockchain to revolutionize cybersecurity

Forging ahead in business is to build upon the achievements of each department respectively to elevate the organisation business model, security measures, particularly her people. Business progress and meeting vision demands us to ensure our clients are understood in order to support their emerging challenges. We provide the principles, guidelines, framework to align to the regulatory requirements, global index ranking and to optimize the use of technologies to transform business demand and issues to functionable solution. Forward looking approach to prep the clients to forge closer relationship with their customers. Solutions in practice:

  • Advancing Trade services and investment facilitation
  • Doing Business consultancy, survey and implementation
  • Development & promotion of economic integration

At the heart of all SMARTCities, it is the commitment on quality of living, people priority and environmental sustainability. The fundamental of basic human needs on clean water, healthy food and shelters is what most government is striving towards in all countries. Improving life, fostering economic growth and delivering of all eco-sustainable initiatives beyond technology has to be the keys driving reason to serve the total populations of more than sixty million people in Thailand.

  • We review the 77 provinces and study each of them for the different needs
  • We enrol global players to join force to expand the scope
  • We empower the locals with employment possibilities
  • We strive on “Sufficiency Economy” and holds the legacy
Bridge To Sustain

Frugal use of resources with highest effectiveness is to understand transformation is the only way serves demand; countries driving different economy calls for an extensive network of knowledge and human capital. In order to sustain all development, applying long term plan in running an organization is vital, it is discourage to take short term benefits and to manage risk. Employability in consideration of aging population drives the organization to think innovation and consider social issues to ensure business continuity.

Organizational effectiveness encourage continuing innovation to run blue ocean strategies if required. This means sharing a deal in light to talent and expertise so not to compromise clients’ interest.

Partner To Grow

Charting new course is constant as countries demand to attain a better, greater different country to their neighbors. Our partnership with our clients extend beyond just user and suppliers; we take bold risks to handle the challenges that clients pursue. Recommending strategy, sensitive on their interest and attracting provider to form part of the partnership in projects is part of parcel of a daily routine. In face of technological advancement, disruption and competitiveness, we support knowledge transfer and skill development towards a valid workforce

Design Thinking

No single leader have all the answers, if one do think they have all the answers; he/she is limiting the potential and narrowed possibilities. A design driven organization allows employee to take responsibilities and allow space for failures in order to gain new inventions new breakthrough. The 5 seconds rule by Mel Robbins allows decision negotiation, hesitation to act due to culture and hierarchy.

If change has to be in place, are the leaders ready to take new challenge. People are under pressure to perform, to be flexible, to be creative and to be entrepreneurial to serve clients better while organizations are expected to transform to be effective as technology set in. We collaborate with world practitioners to serve the growing demand of design thinking for all industries.

Open Management

With human capital being versatile, mobility is becoming a norm and talent no longer lock to single job; our few decades of network comprises of experts beyond ASEAN shores. We cater for typical worker, self-driven individual who starts as trainee, associates and land as partners/leaders of the league.

Contact Us

Phoenixict Technologies Co., Ltd.

139 Sethiwan Tower, 17th Floor A,
Pan Rd., Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500

Phone: +66 2233 3723
Email: info@phoenixict.biz
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